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Bolivia Finca Senda Salvaje

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Finca Senda Salvaje, a small family farm near Caranavi, Bolivia. Owned and operated by Carmelo Yujra and Deysi Ramos the farm has been producing excellent quality coffee for over a decade. Carmelo has been collaborating with neighboring producers and experimenting with new fermentation processes to enhance the local terroir. The results are a sweet, delicate yet structured cup with honey, floral, and fruit.

Senda Selvaje (Wild Road) was named for the wild animals that roam the farm. The family's goal is to produce coffee in a way that is environmentally aware and friendly to the local animals. The farm's dark, nutrient rich soil produces strikingly unique flavors.

“My wife and I both had parents who were coffee and fruit producers. My parents had a 5-hectare-size farm but they mixed all the coffees and shipped them out. When I started separating them by the variety and thought about the fermentation methods, everything changed. I improved it better than what my parents were doing. I also tell my children to do better than what we do.”

Senda Salvaje

The farm is characterized by dark and nutrient-rich soil that is pockmarked with blotches. I knew from experience that this type of soil would produce good coffee. I like the Java variety because it is disease-resistant and easy to harvest and the cherries grow evenly. Also, it can be harvested within a year of planting. Shade trees are ceibo trees. They grow fast and the leaves turn to fertilizer quickly, so it is very useful. For some reason, people say that my coffee is very easy to roast. I think you can also taste the flavors that are unique to this land.

The Vision

Carmelo is considered a leader to the producers in the area and to the new community of producers emerging around him. His parents and their generation grew mixed coffee varieties and exported them to the commodity market and Caramelo has proudly advanced his expertise in coffee, separating the varieties, and improving processing methods which paved his way into the specialty coffee market with other farmers in the area following suit. Carmelo hopes his children will continue the family trend with further improvements.